Rainy Day

On one morning,
As it was raining,
While the drops and road were chattering,
But I was only wandering,

Walking on the foot,
Since Sadness was only the root,
But the blessings falling from heaven,
Make me feel so even,

So many puddles on the road,
Some so narrow and some so broad,
The path was also full of holes,
And full of many tiny stones,

Sky full of dark clouds,
Making sounds too loud,
The water falling from leaves,
On the ground,a lazy snake creeps,

Dancing trees on the way,
Everywhere I found only clay,
As the weather becomes so grey,
On that long rainy day,

Finally I feel so relaxed,
And free from being dashed,
After this journey so long,
Returned my working capacity so strong.


Nikhil Jain's picture

I am a sixteen year old school boy from India. I developed an ambition of writing poems and that’s why I started writing many poems about my life and some about nature. While my sirs, teachers, parents and my sister are always my role models, I got a new role model. I hope that she will show me the path of success.
And the last thing I have to tell to all of you is that “My ambitions never ends”. It means that I have many ambitions in my life and I have to follow all of them.

Last updated September 04, 2015