Streets at Night and the Severed Kite

I wander through the streets at night
Aimless and lost like a severed kite
Closed doors and closed windows
As if trying to clutch happiness behind them
And telling a stranger like me to keep out
I wonder if there is really joy inside
I ask them ,they don’t hear my shout

Streets empty and deserted and keen
Wanting to know where I am from
And what places I have been
RealIzing I have no answer
They then tell me what through the day was seen
Most people good though some were mean

The streetlights help me see myself
Emerge from darkness
And shed light on some hidden questions
That I will need to harness
The cool breeze caresses my face
Tells me, with the sorrows of life cope
I see something on the horizon
There comes twilight and hope.

Azam Siddiqui

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Last updated May 16, 2013