Time Still

The more circumstance and nature reveal myself to me
The more I like myself
The more I reveal myself to thee
The more of me you would like to know
And slowly develop a liking for me
Its me that I with you share
You’ll feel
How I felt
When I rose with honor
Or with sorrow I knelt
with you now I share
So please take care.
1 it’s a strange feeling but a blissful one
When time slows down as if to rest
it can’t go back and doesn’t want to move on
it’s tired of running and takes a breath
During such moments when time rests
Wth one’s own self one stands abreast
When one has no memory
When one has no regrets
When one has no yearnings
When one has nothing yet needs nothing
When there is no future and there is no past
When nothing seems to move
Though everything moves so fast
Like an icecube that doesnot want to melt
nothing is said and heard
everything is felt
when ones looks in one’s own eyes
trying to make out what they want to say
feeling ones own blood as through the veins it finds its way
when each breath is not a breath of air
but a breath of life
when there is no resistance to the soothing breeze
and it flows as if no one was there
Who and where am i
I am no one in the midst of nowhere.

Azam Siddiqui

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Last updated May 16, 2013