Before You Say Farewell

Your first cup of love
Tasted sweet
The second bitter
Will the third be killing me?
You; my last amazing stations
My last heart beats
I read that some people
Are like ice
They long for sun warmth
To slip inside them
But are afraid to thaw
Were you an icy man?
Hidden out of fearing me
And preferred to forget!
After you I gathered my sun threads
And drew my eyes with sorrows
Your love changed into an alcohol fall
That pours into my wounded heart
Your memory is the secret
Of my flowing tears
No religion would accept
The pain you're causing me
Come; bring your next cup
Even if it's poisoned
I'm not frightened
I'm filled with desire
To die the most delightful death
If there's some mercy in your heart
Promise me one last wish
Before you say farewell
Make me drunk one more time
From a cup of your sweet happiness

(Translated by the poet myself "Azza El Wakeel" from its original Arabic language into English language)



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Name: Azza El Wakeel, Websites:,, Wordpress blog:, YouTube channel:,, Goodreads Author Page:,, Author's page on arabworldbooks:,, Nationality: Egyptian, Born & living in Alexandria, Birthday: 19 March, Sign: Pisces, Graduated from Faculty of Commerce, Business & Administration department, Alexandria University - Egypt, Writing is my hobby, Wrote my thoughts in "Sayidaty" Arab family magazine from 1992 till 1996 in a weekly comlumn named:, "Words For Him", Published my poems and articles later in different Arabic magazines and news papers, Translated some of my modern poems from their original Arabic into English and was able to reach English audience, My translated poems were published in:, The Poetry Anthology: A Generation Defining Itself, "In Our Own Words X", The Black and White Review "Private", And in several English websites:, Arabesques review, Other Voices Poetry, Poetry Repairs, Published my writings in several Arabic websites' magazines and forums:, "Nashiri, Al Rabetta, Anhaar, Al Nadawi", Playing piano, reading, painting and watching movies are also my hobbies, Books:, Untraditional Woman 1999 in Arabic Language (self published), First Seasons Of Love 2000 in Arabic Language (self published), The Distance 2022 in English Language, Published by Austin Macauley Publishers UK,

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