First Seasons of Love

I would like to take-off
My schoolgirl's apron
Unbind my talisman
Of infancy
Untie my braid
'Cause after you
I'm no longer young

I would like to discover
In my humanity
As a woman
The female feeling

You man deprived me
From my weapons
Crushed my armies of defense
Defeated my lines of resistance
You stirred my appetite
To taste love
And surrender to the flow of fondness

I would like to enter with you
A cavern of passion
And call its door
To close behind us forever
And drink together
From the pitchers of love
Till the sip of drunkenness
Where the short moment
Becomes long and exciting
Where we discover a unique time
Neither morning
Nor night
When the sun stays beside the moon

You man is so pure
Couldn't be born
By a human being
But by a river

So honest
Couldn't have been fed
By a human being's breast
But with a tree's milk

You man spitted my rock's heart
Without hesitation
When we first met
And burst the falls of my senses
And with you my life
Knows no more weariness

(Translated by the poet myself "Azza El Wakeel" from its original Arabic language into English language)


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Name: Azza El Wakeel, Websites:,, Goodreads Author Page:,, Nationality: Egyptian, Born & living in Alexandria, Birthday: 19 March, Sign: Pisces, Graduated from Faculty of Commerce, Business & Administration department, Alexandria University - Egypt, Writing is my hobby, Wrote my thoughts in "Sayidaty" Arab family magazine from 1992 till 1996 in a weekly comlumn named:, "Words For Him", Published my poems and articles later in different Arabic magazines and news papers, Translated some of my modern poems from their original Arabic into English and was able to reach English audience, My translated poems were published in:, The Poetry Anthology: A Generation Defining Itself, "In Our Own Words X", The Black and White Review "Private", And in several English websites:, Arabesques review, Other Voices Poetry, Poetry Repairs, Published my writings in several Arabic websites' magazines and forums:, "Nashiri, Al Rabetta, Anhaar, Al Nadawi", Playing piano, reading, painting and watching movies are also my hobbies, Books:, Untraditional Woman 1999 in Arabic Language (self published), First Seasons Of Love 2000 in Arabic Language (self published), The Distance 2022 in English Language, (published by Austin Macauley Publishers UK)

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