The Name

Beyond the shallow waters of my thought,
Across the deep oceans of my heart,
A name has long been engraved!

The Name long forgotten,
After desperate measures sought,
In a dream of a drunken night,
Last night! It has come again!

She’s here; every inch the same.
After much toils of her own.
No devised hurt of mine,
Every bit of what she’s sown.

But being a fool that I am,
Without a thought, took her in.
But it’s not love anymore,
Hearts hunger; and no more.

We sat and talked,
Hours and hours passed.
She is smiling, always smiling!

She was the only thing I could see,
Not the past or what’s to be.
Happily ended my hearts long fast.
Forever the moment is meant to last.

In my sleep so I thought!

Ere the night must come to an end,
I should have another drink!
To regain what’s lost and pretend,
To my dreams again I must attend!

Bala Mv's picture

In my dreamy imaginary line, Realm of my hidden ghost, The suppressed awakens: now fine, He gleefully plays the host..!

Last updated September 30, 2011