The Collision Of Destiny (the dawn of time)

Blessed dawn of time
Thus a new dream.
I wish the star we snap it up,
Persist in looming us
Fantasies without storm,
Foolish to meet us.

Suddenly got our collision,
My soul he instigated in travel
Under my look that flickers.
Rejecting the disdain of your boldness,
In fact I omen only you,
My sweet and incomparable soul mate.

Long lasting centuries of exile,
Longed to meet you again.
My heart numbed to the sorrow of twilight,
Refuse to fall asleep.

I calculate the centuries,
Constantly to find you.
I will endure our detachment
Until the end of the ages.
I will mention your countenance,
Because thy name to me is unknown.

I've never appreciated such inspiration,
Such love, Such a harmony.
That empathy,
That resounds as affable as an angelic harp.
Oh, quanto è bella!

So thou contemplated my name,
Approached my lusty body
And referring me two or three sentences.
Replicating him dearly,
I've notified thy affable foreignness.

Almighty, Oh Almighty,
With all thine magnificence,
Trace our destiny once again.
From your thine benevolence,
Bring us in this hour
For immortal existence.

Relish, Relish,
Bells are ringing
In the moonlight luminescence!

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My soul is composed of two ingredients: Love and Art.

Last updated January 07, 2018