Where Does Our Love Lies

Through the deep and mysterious seas of your soul,
I can hear slowly your eyes
Raving hum of agony:
Never have such a smile,
That nurtures my sleep,
Because I finally collapsed without hope,
And my heart lies as hard as rock.

Slowly wasting away in your memory,
I feel tears osculating my seductive lips.
On the prose of your voice,
Feel the Zephyr of your sadness.
In your eyes,
Feel your hands caressing my hair.
In the beats of your heart,
I hear death.

Therefore, I ask you:
Just do not forget,
As long as you can see Cassiopeia,
I will be delighting in the depth of your core,
And if a tear spills,
I will dry it with my lips,
That for a hundred decades will only osculate you.

Lay your head on my breasts,
And close your eyes.
When blowing in your mouth,
I’ll share your heart with mine.
You’ll feel simple and sweet pain,
And you will see where our love lies.
You died with me!

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My soul is composed of two ingredients: Love and Art.

Last updated February 16, 2018