Went Away

There was love, grief, and sadness when you went away,
the hopes and dreams of a future time were wished upon that day,
you were the epitome of manhood, a fine and stately sight,
many dangers that would face you in that distant fight;

The loved ones that you left behind for your safety did they fear,
their hearts were panged to see you go because they held you dear,
to a foreign land and another’s plight they sent you to defend,
you went there of your own accord for family and friend;

The long hot days and lonely nights and still you stayed the course,
honor, courage, and bravery were your constant strength and source,
you did your duty to the end until that awful day,
beside your brothers did you keep and never once did sway;

Back at home your loved ones prayed and hoped to never hear,
the tragic news of your demise that caused their hearts to fear,
how do the living contend with the loss of one whom they hold so dear,
they know that you are with our God who surely holds you near.

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Avid reader, outdoorsman, adventurer, and would-be amateur writer. Born in Oklahoma but live n Washington State. Have two daughters, stepson, and stepdaughter, and 3 grandsons.

Last updated December 10, 2014