Camouflage Suit

A lazy man in a camouflage suit,
picked up his gun, when he was told to shoot -
So he took his aim, and he pulled his trigger,
and only because his country was bigger;
Was he able to stride away, into the sun
without a regret for the things he had done.
And I’d like to say that he never thought,
never understood what he had wrought -
But in the place that I live, in this world of today,
you’ve got to take care with the things that you say.
For to challenge the lazy is to question the strong,
and they don’t like to hear, that they may have been wrong.
So take care with the things that you say and you do,
For that camouflage suit may be looking at you.

Bob lives and works in Bolder, CO.

Last updated February 11, 2013