I hang limp on the Creator's pen

by Boris Pasternak

Boris Pasternak

I hang limp on the Creator's pen
Like a large drop of lilac gloss-paint.
Underneath are dykes' secrets; the air
From the railways is sodden and sticky,
Of the fumes of coal and night fires reeking.
But the moment night kills sunset's glare,
It turns pink itself, tinged with far flares,
And the fence stands stiff, paradox-stricken.
It keeps muttering: stop it till dawn.
Let the dry whiting finally settle.
Hard as nails is the worm-eaten ground,
And the echo's as keen as a skittle.
Warm spring wind, spots of cheviot and mud,
Early naileries' hoots faraway,
On the grater of cobble-stones road,
As on radishes lavishly sprayed,
Tears stand out clearly at break of day.
Like an acrid drop of thick lead paint,
I hang on to the Creator's pen.

Last updated January 14, 2019