They come and go
These friends of mine
They whisper power in ears
Desire and Fantasy in others
Even Inspiration in my mind

I look at them with longing
While reality grips me
And spreads nightmares through my soul
When They come those dreams of mine
They sing sweet laugher
And Dance with hope

If we could escape to those lands
All would be a wonderland
Where Alice once went
And meet that Hatter there
If only I could escape as well

I would hope my life was sweet
But yet these dreams do keep
That steady distance that I dare run
If only, If only
They would come

In these dreams of mine
Things happen that would not
Pigs fly, and so do I
These are what appear
Till I do wake

Then it is as the old men say
“You can’t have a foot in two worlds”
Though I wish
If only, If only
They would come

This tale I have told
Is nothing but a check
To see if you could listen
And to see if you do
See my wonderful dreams
That yet have come
If only… If only
They would come true


Bradle is a Junior in high school at age 17. He has been writing on Fan Fiction for some time, but has never been published before. He typically writes short stories involving video game characters or Science Fiction subjects. He is an avid reader, video gamer, and 2nd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Last updated January 20, 2012