Dance of Him...

She gazes at the stars, wondering if they will reveal the secret of this night...
She bows her head in recognition of their beauty, whispering her confusion. Willing them to know, wanting them near at this time, as the night enfolds with the man offering his soft touches and caresses. The tiny gestures she has no memories of....

She listens to the song of the gentle wind, feels the soft tender caress, senses him worship her. She lifts her head in a moment of thanksgiving, knowing this may be the purest touch of all... the waning moon a witness to her turmoil.

She feels his hand softly tingle down her back, she turns to the man, finds him smiling, intense eyes questioning her solitude. The passion runs through her like the current of the high tide, whetting her desire for the closeness of him...

She allows the man to take her to the place where passion lives, the place of her dreams. Guiding the yearnings within to surge over the expectations of the touches; discarding solitude to another time, to where there is no more. The man knows of a time where passion is the essence of her.

She discards the secret place of her, hidden in the dreams of beauty, wonder and magic. The desire for passion drives her to his gentle touch, wills her to become one with him, to hide in him. The vision of his beauty guides her to the enchantment of him.

She reaches out, yearning to caress his beauty, the need to hold the vision of pure passion for a spell, to freeze it for tomorrow, forever. She wills her need to the Universe, offers the ache of her dream as a gift to the altar of pleasures.

She yields to the adoration of him, eager for the harvest of passionate joy. He wills her to be silent in her thirst for his loving caress. His beauty plays havoc with her desires, her dream. The promise of eternal splendour is beckoning, mesmerising her feverish anticipation. Her body consumed by the power of his touch, his passion.

She looks at the man, drinking in the wonder of his grandeur, her eyes inviting him to join with her. She offers her beauty to him, to them, to the Universe. She charms him to become her, her splendour exposed and highlighted by the rays of the soft light.

She is perfect in her reticent nakedness; her thoughts are exhilarated by the perfection of him. The glimmer of perspiration create the shivers of purity, the yearning for him invite her to the intensity of pleasures, jealous in his caress..

She focuses intensely on the dedication of her to him, the tremor of passion increases, wills her to wild, total abandon. His need intensifying, she sees her pleasure in his eyes, her expectation is selfish and exposed in the truth of the moment.

She offers herself to the loving touch, eyes closed. She feels the man love her as she devotes the self, to him. Complete in this devotion the silence of pleasures take her, becomes her. She is one, with this, the devotion of her desires riding on a wave of ecstasy, as her core joins the wonder of him.

She holds out her arms to embrace him, her dream becomes reality focussing on his lovely face. She draws the man of pleasures closer, drawing all of him to her, melting into one moment of eternity.

She knows there is only the now of this instant, and then there is only solitude with the beauty of him lingering throughout her perfection.

Cara Vermaak

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Cara Vermaak is a 46-year-old divorced woman, living in the wild and wonderful country of South Africa. She started life as a nurse, her need to help and care for people guided her to become a Natural Healer., One of her many passions is writing, the written word has a magic she cannot resist. Cara has written 2646 news articles; in addition she has written articles concerning, the spiritual and esoterical life, natural healing and many other topics to enhance the life of others. The articles are varied and scattered in many publications., Cara is currently working on her 4th novel, “A Touch of Murder”, which is based on the cases she has worked on as a volunteer searching for missing children in South Africa., Cara is proud to have been the creator and the voice of "Angel Whispers", a loving radio feature which embraces people from all over the world and encouraged them to enjoy one day at a time, knowing they are prefect in their own special beauty, An American friend, Jony, entered her “Dances” as poetry into a global online poetry contest; she was voted the number one poet for seven weeks, judged by the number of hits to her work., Since 2004 Cara published 3 Articles per week for a magazine targeting single people searching for love. Focussing on her no knowledge of passion. This magazine has 70 000+ subscribed members. All of these published articles has had a profound effect on single people world wide., Cara suffers from the virgin syndrome and searches for the cure. The fear of passionate encounters has pursued her since childhood. The teachings of her mother were focussed on chastity., Cara believes in the Touch of Love. She lives in solitude loving the world.

Last updated June 14, 2013