Dance of Nothing, No-where

She stares silently at the full moon knowing tonight will be no different; knowing that within the sanctity of her own self is her solace, in the recess of her dreams rests her ardour. The body in contrast begging for the release, in pain, in distress, in need….

The moon teases her with his bright stillness, causing havoc throughout her mind, her body, her soul, rendering her to a lonesome creature of unfulfilled craving, thirsting for the beauty of self, the splendour of seclusion.

She walks out of the world, she walks out of the present… she has nowhere to go, no one to tell, she walks into the lonely abyss of nothing. Her path bright with the rays of the silvery moon, tears masking the illumination, creating a faery tale of colour, of mystery. Tree shadows beckoning her to the dark of the night, to hide with them from the dazzling rays of the full moon. Wanting to be no one, nothing wanting to be gone…

She bows her head in acknowledgement of defeat, accepting her sentence to the abandoned emptiness of all she has become, all she never dreamed, all she did not know existed in the name of love. As the dark embraces her, she knows she no longer exists, no longer walks proud, no longer has the gift to offer purity to another, as her soul has run dry, her insight is tarnished by the nothing she has become, the no one who occupies her being.

Veiled by the shadows of the trees, she will be untouched by the rays of the moon, untouched by the hand who would love her this night, untouched by the ache of being nothing, no one, invisible…

Cara Vermaak's picture

Cara Vermaak is a 46-year-old divorced woman, living in the wild and wonderful country of South Africa. She started life as a nurse, her need to help and care for people guided her to become a Natural Healer., One of her many passions is writing, the written word has a magic she cannot resist. Cara has written 2646 news articles; in addition she has written articles concerning, the spiritual and esoterical life, natural healing and many other topics to enhance the life of others. The articles are varied and scattered in many publications., Cara is currently working on her 4th novel, “A Touch of Murder”, which is based on the cases she has worked on as a volunteer searching for missing children in South Africa., Cara is proud to have been the creator and the voice of "Angel Whispers", a loving radio feature which embraces people from all over the world and encouraged them to enjoy one day at a time, knowing they are prefect in their own special beauty, An American friend, Jony, entered her “Dances” as poetry into a global online poetry contest; she was voted the number one poet for seven weeks, judged by the number of hits to her work., Since 2004 Cara published 3 Articles per week for a magazine targeting single people searching for love. Focussing on her no knowledge of passion. This magazine has 70 000+ subscribed members. All of these published articles has had a profound effect on single people world wide., Cara suffers from the virgin syndrome and searches for the cure. The fear of passionate encounters has pursued her since childhood. The teachings of her mother were focussed on chastity., Cara believes in the Touch of Love. She lives in solitude loving the world.

Last updated June 05, 2013