With what’s truly going on, I can not see
With what’s forgotten for so long, it’s not clear to me
With no understanding for what is present before my sight
I ride into the night,
Hoping… my dreams will take flight
Wondering if this life I live is but a dream…
I ponder and wait for thyself to awake to the sun’s bright beam
I take it that myself is but a mere reflection as I stare,
A reflection of who I once was… simply through a nightmare
But maybe it’s better that we learn to let go
And go with the flow
For the past is nonexistent and left diminished
For we look towards the future and continue what’s left unfinished…

Casey Knox

18 year old with a blazing passion for writing poetry. Written 60+ poems in the last 3 years. Plans to publish a poetry book of his own one day....but for now....he wants to let the world take a sneak peak at what his talents are like...

Last updated October 31, 2011