Not Noticing

As I walk alone
No one turns to see
Lends a hand
Or talks to me
They are too busy
Too busy to notice anything
Only caring for themselves
Thinking everything is ok
For only when I bust with tears
Do they care
Or try and lend a hand
It shouldn’t have gone that far
It shouldn’t get to that point
Can’t they see the sorrow
The frustration
The loneliness
The water in my eyes
But no
Only looking at themselves
They turn away
As if they have never seen anything

Cathryn Miller's picture

I have always loved poetry, it has been the only way i have been able to express my feeling lately. This helps my put my emotions on paper instead of letting them bottle up. I also play basketball, so when I’m frustrated I will go and shoot a little. My dog Rascals is a great listener when i need him, I used to only tell him my poems. But i have decided to share them so I hope you like them.

Last updated October 09, 2011