A new born poetess

I did not yet acquire some sweet readers,
To confess how loved my art lives free!
When I will die,
My soul will pass away
And my achievements will witness their birth
Because till today; I will be remembered
Remembered while I will possibly be away from that remembrance
Or even blind to see the commemoration of it!
It would be a fortunate late gift that glorifies negligence misfortune
Why can't you see me now?
A bit before fate sees it….
Do read me; your perceptions will make me travel to the land of resting;
Young flourishing poets!
How much hours shall I wait?
To smell the perfume of recognition
Praises are all sterile!
Give me a true incentive that fosters mine sensation
I am here, whispering to your future books!
With a complete confidence that I am read in silence.

Chahra Beloufa a young talented creative writer; born in SIDI BEL ABBES, Algeria. She graduated in English in June 2011 as the best student of her promotion. Presently she is an M.A. student researching in the field of TEFL, ELT, and Poetry teaching . She started writing poetry and articles in secondary school, some of which were published in the school's magazine. She participated in the National competition of ENGLISH in Algeria in 2008; being the winner at the regional level. Chahra has published some of her research papers in Scribd.com, "Language Pathology and Neurolinguistics". She has published poems in the poetry collection, international poets, Voices from Everywhere, 2011 and various international collections. Her first anthology is entitled "The Nightingale Whispers", 2011.

Last updated June 11, 2014