by Stanley Moss

Every living thing is different.
There is proof of a divinity in differences.
A newborn child is different from any other.
Composing music, sacred or secular,
it's correct in a chord to place
the major third above the minor third.
Most maintain the traditional arrangement
is the only right one, but Stravinsky insisted
the major over the minor. He made naughty
irregulars beautiful. In a newsreel he bowed,
he kissed the hand of Pope Paul.

Look at the different profiles of trees,
look-a-like trees have different destinies.
Briars, leaves, brambles, nettles
however they appear, are individuals.
Every raindrop is different from every other.
Who or what created night feeders,
snakes, who can only see the heat around the body?
Beauty is different in the eyes of the beholder.
The blind see different darkness.

A fool, I try to translate trees and poetry.
Everything suffers in translation.
Difference is designed. Listen to what I just said!
I don't believe God finds death irrelevant,
something like hearsay. Corporations are not persons.
He is a revolutionary, He insists on first amendment rights
for everything, freedom of speech,
religious rights for a rock.

From Ant to Zebra, every living thing is one.
I fall out of step,
my heart marches to different drummers.
1, 2,3, numbers are simply a convenience.
Sunrise and sunsets have different colors.
Look at a rainbow's face when different
clouds pass over the graves of the forgotten.

Always Alwaysland

Last updated December 17, 2022