I'm singing the Blues

I was born
in the century
of the wild youth
We went
all material
wild youth

We sang songs
about twerk
And here I am
between 4 walls
singing the blues

There were times
when they sang songs about love,
There were times
the guy was actually walked
a mile for a girl
but those were times
of the war worlds too
And I think
those times were better
than listening to songs
about twerks

OH Miley
What you have done
Now I have to see
all those kids
running with their heads
through the wall
And I don’t wanna listen
to your songs about
Sorry, my darling
But I’m singing the blues

I know, that I cannot much
bring to this world
And I know , I’m not smart
enough to find for a cancer cure
But I’m hoping
you are proud ,daddy
I’m not singing songs
about twerk,
It’s just me, my daddy
singing the blues…

Tashana Bogatinovski's picture

Tashana Bogatinovski is born in Serbia, 01.06.1991., She graduated 2011th on ITacademy in Serbia, as a web designer, at the same time she won the bronze medal on EuropeanShip in shooting (prone discipline) as a junior.

Last updated October 16, 2015