We Be

We Be

We be-
Me be-
Us be-
The originals-
Who walked this Earth.
We are the first to leave it,
But created all else in it.

Murdered at first sight
A fate suffered
For the lot of us,
The forefathers of all.

The first risen
Are now first likely to fall
Dead in the street.

Blood streaming to the sea.
Drip, drip from the bullet holes
Drip, drop from guts entangled
In steam and dust-
Glowing red and blue blood
In the flashes of light.

Bodies litter the streets;
And the seas a washed with blood of the originals-
The chosen people
Stolen, forgotten
And gutted for their resources and culture.

Diamonds are forever
And so are our souls

The lustrous gold of our hearts pulse
A final time-
Life stolen by pale soulless descendants of the originals.
They are eradicating us while tanning
They think they are us,

They will never be us and we are almost no more.

Dr. Christopher Davis

Dr. Christopher Davis's picture

Dr. Christopher Davis is a poet, teacher, and photographer. He has written thousands of poems about life. He has recently published ten of his poems and short stories in journals and anthologies, and is the author of book of poetry entitled Only, If: Volume 1 available for download at the Apple iBook store.

Last updated January 16, 2016