Your presence in your absence

The night seems so long,
I start to feel so all alone;
dwelling in vain wishes of your presence.
Dealing with the pain, consequent of your absence.
I turn to our memories . . .

for refuge.

The memories seem so bright,
I start to feel the light;
thinking of days so warm, and full in your presence.
Living with rays of hope, it provides in your absence;
I crave for them to unfold unending . . .

to fill the emptiness.

As the void appears to uncover itself;
again, I start to feel the reality, that I am alone;
dying to re-live your presence.
Longing for relief from your absence;
I look within myself and there . . .

I find meaning.

The pain seems a long lost story,
as I start to find a new found glory;
finding an everlasting abode for your presence.
Binding with a bond that will overcome your absence;
I realize, you seem so far away; yet you are right here . . .

In my heart to stay forever.

Chenonlo Aaron Woch's picture

A student of M.A. Political Science in Delhi University with a passion for writing poetry.

Last updated November 15, 2011