Red memories.
Drowning in blood.
Red desires.
Dripping in sarcasm.
Fresh mud,
deeply staining.
Our feet walking.
No clear direction.
Just drifting.
Searching for nothing.
Red dreams
soaked in distress.
I wonder
if you'll
remember our passion?
Red balloons.
Drunk on fresh air.
Dipping in horror.
Soft bellies.
Intensely aching,
forsaking all traces
of moving along.
Rolling vowels
earnestly deploying.
Red living.
I wonder
if you'll
ever forgive me?

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Over 200 of my poems have appeared in more than one hundred journals in the U.S. and Canada, in Japan and Australia, and the U.K., I have had a series of chapbooks published in the 1980's by 4 Winds Press, such titles as "Doors and Windows", "Dancing in the Eighties" and "Slow Burn"., I have had four poetry books published, "Teardrop of Coloured Soul" "I Walk Naked into a Cloud", "the Rushing Stream of Desires", and "A Yellow Sunshine Night".

Last updated June 21, 2016