What You Are Seeking

Do not be disturbed
by the
little disturbances
pervading the atmosphere.
For, it is not the
most persuasive of effects
that often rules over
the soul.
Pursue life and reality
above all else.
Do not be troubled by
encompassing shadows
that seem to dangle around
the perimeter of vision.
Do not surrender to
dancing neon lights
that seem to flit and flick
around the jangled glare
of unknown perspective.
There are attitudes that
snap and grab around
the dying of the mind.
Slippery webs of sawdust
that grasped the remnants
of the deserted heart.
Open up the bottle that
contains the images
of peaceful existence
for they are the waves of
the mangled distractions
that define and confine
the perception of self.

You are the one
you are seeking
to love.

Chris G. Vaillancourt's picture

Chris G. Vaillancourt was born on, April 5, 1959, in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. From an early age, writing poetry was his primary means of explaining the world to himself. His first poem was published when he was still a teenager, and as he aged, his portfolio has grown. In the 1980's his first chapbooks were published, paving the way for an extensive list of published works. He has had 4 books published, with more surely to follow. Chris G. Vaillancourt may be considered one of the best contemporary poets of this age.

Last updated October 23, 2011