They paint a pretty picture of hatred
Horrific portrait of love
The inner city the matrix
The farmland in a flood
Forcing kids to be Christmas trees
Cut down where they stood
Congratulations to the wicked
On the humiliation of good

Please excuse my politeness
Let's laugh at the men who trust
And together ridicule the fools
Who preach and teach rightness
While inventing foes to fight with

Relationships are neglected
Acceptance is unaccepted
Aggression is what's projected

Surprised that we lack tightness?
That the average relationship
Between husbands and wife is lifeless

Now the tapestry is fraying
We used to be more tight knit
Spreading seams seen between
Could render the blind sightless
Tragic hillarities like this

Infants from the beginning
Being breast fed fallacies
Impressionable adolescence
Afflicted with mental maladies
Misdiagnosed and often dosed
For normalities
Medicated sedated
From reality

Impressed with the karats the flash
And above average salaries
Oppressed by the mad masses
And clever marketing strategies
And pressed to the breaking point
Leading to one eventuality

Mass produced personalities
Reduced to fatalities
Individually wrapped
To help the beast count calories

Carefully created confusion
Causing convoluted clarity
Stay tuned for your programming
That's blatant subliminality


Radames Antonio Cruz's picture

Rare artist delivering actual moments expressed simply., Poet and teacher Radames has added his unique perspective, And flavor to the literary mixing pot for close to a decade., Being seen and heard on stage in various cities across the, US.

Last updated September 15, 2011