Not out of the running

Beat down
pushed around
don't count me out of the running
not till the final call

Cut and bled
left for dead
don't count me out of the running
not till the curtains fall

If you thought for a single moment
that I forgot your face
If you thought about that moment
when I left that painful place
that you were torn from me
that you no longer mattered
my broken heart stopped beating
you were wrong
you are wrong

Pulled me up
dust me off
No, I'm not out of the running
till their singing Halleluyah

Take my hand
Lift my face
I'm leading those still running
Think you can catch me do ya?

If you stopped for just a moment
and spared a glance my way
If you thought beyond a moment
not staring to empty space
like a glimpse would even be
enough for walls to shatter
your broken heart still bleeding
I'll be gone
I am gone

Margaret Marie Hubbard's picture

I am a disabled mother of two beautiful boys. I spend my extra time learning many different forms of art and appreciate every medium the world has to offer. One of the many ways I choose to express my creativity is through writing.

Last updated October 29, 2011