Avatar of Sorrow

Under there lies a world of sorrow,
too imaginable for human minds to bear.
Miserably it seeks redemption,
through a means by which it will only perpetually suffer.

It seeks love and warmth,
to be protected in the darkness
from the evils of this world;
but all it receives is unrequited love.

So hidden it remains
from the rest of the world,
stockpiling all its grief.
Woe be the day when it can bear no more.

Like a shadow shrouded by eternal darkness,
he hides from the eyes of the world.
No one will ever notice him
for he never talks, he only cries.

Never have I seen him, for he only
comes out when the world is sad too.
Summoned to carry the burden
of desolation and despair.

But I can feel his aura, from the dark
depths in which he resides.
His emotions surge and I can hear him
screaming in pain,
ripping his chains…

And when I awake to the cold mourning,
I feel this world slowly slipping away…
and I find myself speechless,
for I no longer have a role in this world…

Christian Conte's picture

An aspiring writer and poet out of Boston, MA.

Last updated September 18, 2011