I love you, Amen

I sit closely, to you in first hour,
Thinking of how,
Our friendship has power,
It's strong and hopeful,
You're happy, I'm grateful,
We're such good friends,
And I'll miss you when you're gone,
But I'll be okay,
My heart will move on,
But you'll always be on my mind,
in my heart and in my soul,
You'll always be here,
My heart is your home,
I can't wait until we meet again,
It'll be the best day of my life,
I love you, Amen.

I like to write, but it's not always good. I write to keep my mind off the catastrophes in the world, and to keep my depression from showing. But I enjoy sharing my thoughts with people. Hope you like them all.

Last updated February 23, 2015