You and Me

The time has come,
the time is near,
for you to give up,
and just not care,
you have many reasons,
to just move on,
to keep on walking,
and find the sun,
he's left for a reason,
but you're not all alone,
I'm right beside you,
my heart is your home,
I will never give up,
not on me or on you,
I will fight to the depths of the world that's new,
you'll always have that love,
stronger than ever,
deep in your soul,
shout out to heaven,
you'll always have that feeling,
that it was always meant to be,
but forget about it,
it's just you and me,
you'll love them forever,
this I know is true,
but moving on,
is the best thing for you...

I like to write, but it's not always good. I write to keep my mind off the catastrophes in the world, and to keep my depression from showing. But I enjoy sharing my thoughts with people. Hope you like them all.

Last updated February 23, 2015