My Own Little Place

There is this place not far from here,
that I visit everyday.
No one can bother me there,
and the skies are never gray.
Nothing can ever hurt me,
I can finally act like me.
This is the one place,
I can be who I wanna be.
I can be a ballerina,
or I can just sing.
No one can make fun of me there,
they can’t do a single thing.
Because in this world I am the queen,
who stands the tallest out of all.
I finally feel in control,
not pushed behind a wall.
If you want to come with me someday,
you’re welcome with one condition.
You cannot be mean to other people,
and only come with my permission.
As you enter through the gate,
with only a smile on your face.
I will be more than happy,
to welcome you to my own little place.

I like to write, but it's not always good. I write to keep my mind off the catastrophes in the world, and to keep my depression from showing. But I enjoy sharing my thoughts with people. Hope you like them all.

Last updated February 23, 2015