What's Happened to Society

What happened to the days
When we all worked together?
Everyone was there for you,
through all the stormy weather.
But look at us now,
what have we become?
What happened to the happy days?
Where did the hate come from?
If you really want to know
People have lost track,
of what life really means.
Don’t you want the old days back?
Where people worked hard,
to earn what they need.
Even if it means they have to hurt,
even if they have to bleed.
Nobody really tries anymore,
they have given up the fight.
It’s like it doesn't matter,
if it’s wrong or if it's right.
So take a long hard look,
at what you do in your life.
And just really remember,
you’re the one who holds the knife.

I like to write, but it's not always good. I write to keep my mind off the catastrophes in the world, and to keep my depression from showing. But I enjoy sharing my thoughts with people. Hope you like them all.

Last updated February 23, 2015