The Wind, It Carries Your Name

by Daniel McDonagh

The wind, it carries your name
Over trees bent from an atomic weight
Pass rooftops charred by fire and hate
Over fields where crops have been raped.
Floating over a body of silent water
Were the Cirein-Cròin is in a restless sleep
Who would, if it could, inhale the wind
And descend in darkness to fathoms deep.
And still, the wind, it carries your name
Dancing and whistling around midnight stars
Through the Campsie Glens and snow covered Bens
Along streets of remembrance and childhood dreams.
The wind, it will swim with your name
Pass forgotten homes of the Damnonii tribe
Navigate pass the Tobacco Lairds Lang Dyke,
Over the trembling clutches of the River Clyde.
The wind, it will transport your name
Twisting, turning up along the Forth and Clyde Canal
As your ashes are scattered on a cold Cathures day
Onto, old blessed and holy soil.

Daniel McDonagh

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Glasgow-Born amateur poet, living in Canada for over 40 years.

Last updated March 19, 2022