My First Thing In The Morning

The strength of a thousand,
A heart full of love,
The warmth of the sun
Shining from above.

The friend that I needed,
When the world was black.
The hand I would reach for,
That would gently squeeze back.

The person who got me,
Who always understood,
When my confidence was low,
You always found the good.

You will never know,
What you have done for me,
With your love and support,
I am now me, I will be free.

I want to say thank you,
For everything you are,
In the darkest of nights,
You've been my North Star.

To the person that knows me,
Mind, body and heart.
To the man who held me,
When I was falling apart.

The one who just knew
Exactly what to say,
To my first thing in the morning,
Each and every day.

Danielle King is a young woman from England who has a love for reading poetry., Here, she has tried her hand at writing a few herself., Poems about love, loss and dark feelings.

Last updated November 05, 2022