Welcome To Your Life

Life is simple, clear and sweet, here's what we have planned. You buy a house, marry your love and then have children, you understand?
How hard is it to comprehend the expectations made of you?
Just look at dear old Nan and Grandad, they have seen it through.
Don't ask those silly questions, don't argue or rock the boat. These are important rules to follow, you're just a woman, don't you know?
Cook the dinner, wash the clothes, play the doting wife.
You said your vows as we told you to, now welcome to your life.

When you are young, you're taught to believe that each word above is true.
But screw the preachers, fuck the teachers, make a happy life for you.

Meet the person that you love, or don't, you can decide.
Don't settle on anything in life that doesn't bring you pride.
Be joyful, wild, crazy, free, be the sunshine in a storm.
Be young as long as possible, age only leaves you worn.

Danielle King is a young woman from England who has a love for reading poetry., Here, she has tried her hand at writing a few herself., Poems about love, loss and dark feelings.

Last updated November 05, 2022