Zaida the Zombie Queen

by Danielle Shelley Carr


by Danielle S.Carr

Chapter One

Miss Emilia Clydesdale plays dark mysticism
in between
closely cropped walls of labyrinthine corridors
where all souls are seen

In a dark glass her figure dimly viewed,
by passers by;

in sharp-edged planes she observes her temperament,
thinly veiled,

far down below in the cellars,
words travel upwards;
she brushes shoulder with servants,
classless she stands amongst them,
as part of the soundless class.

Chapter Two

From where they came they do not know;
but the word, Haiti was inscribed in the girl’s bedstead.

For those who hunger for the blood of la coloniste
The Native is the Enlivened;
he becomes lively with the blood of the colonist,
for them the blood is the Way;

Les Vampires de Haiti know her well;
they will admit her to La Culte De Zombis,
a cult of subversive youth

The zombie mantra is his supreme hymn,
as their cult gather inside a leaf hut,
to hear the slave song of the immortal,

the chant means that Zaida is on the hunt,
the colonist hears her panting in the palms,
‘Her gaze is on you tonight, Monsieur,’
We meet by the plantation moon.

Vyszla and Zaida are the huntresses of the Plantation,

they have hunted down generations,
for pleasure and for le sport

Tonight they hunt Miss Emilia Clydesdale,
and the cobalt vase will drain her life force;
in between shattered planes of the Opaque,

There will be a sacrifice tonight.

Danielle Shelley Carr

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Born Melbourne, Australia, 1970, Named after famous English Gothic authoress, Mary Shelley., First began writing novels at age twelve after seeing a clip from the film, Wuthering Heights, (1939), (possibly) distant relative of acclaimed British author David Peace, by way of George Peace (1829), of Ossett, West Yorkshire, who emigrated to Talbot, Victoria, in 1852, Editor, Australis - a collection of writing of academics in the disciplines of Creative Writing and Literature., Her collection of poetry, entitled Ellipse, was published in 2012. Reviewed in The Australian Writer, 2015., A verse novel, Blom, in German, meaning The Transformation, published in 2014. Recorded interview, RRR, Melbourne radio, Multi-Storied program, 27 April 2015., First Prize national writing competition for poetry, (Australia) at age 14., Also author of Gothic thriller novel, 'Blood for St Valentine'., Her books are available in Australian and NZ libraries., Author - thesis - Psychological Reflections on Post - Modernist Gothic Literature - published Deakin University 2014., Poetry published in 'Southerly', Sydney University's national journal (Aust.), Windmills, (Deakin University) and Cursive Scripts (NMIT), and performed by RMIT Theatre, and on radio., Qualifications: B.A. Media Studies - Film, M.A. (Writing and Literature) - Literary Studies, Deakin University.

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