The Man Who Feigned Godhood

Today I read the yesterdays, to say I told you so To prove my godliness to all Humanity, below
There was man feigned godhood He believed enough to be, Aesthetics were imperative, but duplicity was key
The boy fled his identity, Community, life, and home But in this new city he’ll become a god! Though born from mortal womb
“What feat would win the people’s trust?” One of body, heart, or mind? Godly tasks are daunting, sure But glory’s worth the grind

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I attended boarding school in New Hampshire. Next year I will be attending Harvard University in the class of 2017. Writing is a passion of mine that I take (relatively) seriously and I hope to expand my literary skills in the coming years. Follow me on twitter @LexicalGenius or visit my blog:

Last updated January 07, 2013