Moment In 1945

the smell of the steam engines exhaust fills the platform
clouds of vapor make people look like ghosts fading in and out
tall people , short people , young and old
faces glare through the fog
large hands hold tightly to tiny fingers
the aroma of damp wool stirs thick memories
arms clasp shoulders colored in faded green
tears stream cheeks , handkerchiefs are wet
an emotional wind whips along the bricks
gasps and groans , sobs and shudders
hurried voices repeat the same words , over and over
hands try to unfold , straining finger tips touching
tiny hands grasp whatever they can hold
large arms wrap about small waists
sadness tears on hearts in a torturous grip
silent lips touch tightly
eyes swollen and red , rivers of emotion wash down cheeks
arms wipe across faces
loneliness craves a desperate tiny morsel of happiness
a tidal wave builds too deep to survive
souls gasping for breath
arms and hands fill the air in a rhythmic swaying
feet shuffle
heads raise higher to grab a quick lasting glimpse
bodies slump lightly
eyes stare into eyes and share a moment of worried connection
faces stare at a distant shadow that shrinks away
smaller and smaller

David Michael Schmidt

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David Michael Schmidt, 995 Ransford Ct, Pacific Grove CA 93950, (831) 261-3197,, David was born in Winnetka, Ill in 1942. He has been a retail entrepreneur since 1967. He began to write poetry in 2009, writing only rhymes and self published a collection of 50 poems along with some illustrations that he drew. He now. also writes free verse and short stories. His poems are sometimes cynical and humorous and can be controversial. He has written opinions and observations on subjects of religion, politics and life in general. He does write about nature but does not write love poems. He is very creative and likes to keep changing and evolving. He enjoys writing poems that make people think.

Last updated September 20, 2011