With the increasing snow in my thoughts
The nerves of my intellect have started freezing
The warmth of the rays of a lamp
Can open up an era of hope
For my soul which is
Dampened by the leakage of water
Which is coming as a stream
Without knowing its bounds.

Yesterday and a day before
Yesterday and so on
Are trying to hold my present
With an unmitigated audacity
I cannot resist since
My soul is neither
In the hands of God
Nor Devil.

Deepak Chaswal

Short Biographical statement:, Deepak Chaswal is a poet from the soil of India. He is also Prof. of, English and critic. His poetry exhibits his perception of the universe, from the perspective of an insider. His poems have been published in, reputed international poetry journals like Pacific Review, Sam Smith, The Journal, Pamona Valley Review, Forge, Enchanting Verses, Earthborne, Poetry Magazine, Kritya- A Journal of Poetry, Indian Ruminations, Bicycle Review to name a few. Contact him, at, dchaswal@gmail.com

Last updated June 28, 2011