My heart's reflection

As long as I live we'll share a predestined dream, naturally manifested
Vested in palms of a higher power is the foretold projection
Scripted and equipped with endless wonders aplenty
To the rescue of your days I was the result of emotional pendings
Render me your thoughts and I'll be your protection. You're the love of my life and also, my heart's reflection.
You're the definition of love through a fleshful depiction. If one word could describe you it'd be a heavenly gesture of diction. Picked from a realm of benevolence you are oh so heavenhy-sent
To share your world is nuptials of happiness and bliss, indeed, you are welcome to all my affection. I live for you, for you are my heart's reflection ( dedicated to Renee'

~The heart

African american. North Carolina native.

Last updated April 03, 2015