My Beach

Grains of sand on a pristine beach.
I gaze in awe at the turquoise Gulf.
Ospreys circle, seeking morning prey;
Sandpipers scurry to shun the eddy.

Sunlight rides the rainbows, edge.
Across the horizon, waters remain steady.
My day has started. Breaths of sea air
To bask in this warmth be my only pledge.

Lost in this paradise I seek no fame.
Inside my world, no cross to bear
Solitude surrounds; none calls my name.
This Eden, creation with no one to share.

Isolation, this prison of my own creation.
I park on my beach, salty tear on my cheek,
The space before me longing to be filled by,
Someone to share my greatest design.

Encircled by others oblivious to my presence,
They see me not to exist in their eye.
No acknowledgment of my true essence
This beach, this sand, these birds on the fly.

My fate to be alone, no mate for my soul.
My mortality creeps, ever so measured.
In my life I have but one true goal
Find the one whose love I will have treasured.


Robert Saltzman's picture

Author/Poet Robert Saltzman was raised in Brooklyn but spent most of his adult life in Chicago. He invents the characters in his writing by drawing upon his childhood memories and flair for the dramatic. With a writing style that is real and never sugar coated or phony, Saltzman endeavors to entertain his readers. Saltzman has two beautiful grandchildren. He’s currently retired and living in Florida.

Last updated April 02, 2015