As with a Senryu’s Pooling Tears

by Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé

Old town draped in flags
its atrium decked with horse carts
green cabs in tow

the groom in a kilt –

displace the redder letter
to open the doors

loud jingle of white
japanese pieris snowing –
fall of southern catalpa

behind handsewn ornaments
strewn, train of chiffon

briskly lit, clapping
sublunary and nearing –

dull glow, this electric shine

Rose & Thorn Journal

Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé's picture

Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé has edited more than ten books and co-produced three audio books. The titles span the genres of ethnography, journalism, creative nonfiction, and poetry, several edited pro bono for non-profit organizations including Sok Sabay Cambodia, Riding for the Disabled Association, and the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre. Previously an entertainment and lifestyle journalist, Desmond has traveled to Australia, France, Hong Kong and Spain for his stories, culminating in the authorship of the limited edition Top Ten TCS Stars for Caldecott Publishing. Trained in book publishing at Stanford University, with a theology masters (world religions) from Harvard University and fine arts masters (creative writing) from the University of Notre Dame, he is the recipient of the Hiew Siew Nam Academic Award, and Singapore Internationale Grant, with his poetry and fiction appearing in nine chapbooks, various anthologies, and over 140 literary journals. An interdisciplinary artist, Desmond also works in clay, his ceramic works housed in museums and private collections in India, the Netherlands, the UK and the US.

Last updated September 14, 2011