Phaneric Display No. 2: The Meta

?he intellect must be taught | extremities are the first to go
babythataway™ | red scotch plaid skirts and vests
kneesocks and peterpan collars | poppa wheelie into
dream poppa rave cap and cruise | blank as normal
templates’ throaty viral erasure | intellect is the primal
faculty | plucked swollen like a muscle | guitar neck
cave secret hand-thrown
into a shallow bowl | blood
cooling to jelly on the blue rim | where you have been
collecting | you need not know the name of a thing to
know it | pinkseamed joint and toes the child will chop
the blonde | mop to sheer plugs and plastic until the
frames collide | but she’s always looked like that

and raggedy ann and raggedy andy

Last updated February 21, 2023