Long Waiting

Live, the longer blood is thick
Spreading colours of life.
A halt.
A wait.
That long waiting
from first light through darkness
in gaudy hope.
A spasm in throat
travels unacknowledged
burrowing spine
pains and pains stand
all ,all in still resentment
harbouring miserable dreams.

Eh!eh! like poor wife
dragging her little stuff
to be born among discriminated bodies
that waiting, stretched into life
painting streaks of gray on scalp
soon withering and waiting to be gone.

Wrinkled skin in folds
screeching bones
wait in blankness
revolving in complete cycle.
Parasite, that long waiting
invades all blood and flesh
A halt.
A wait.
That long waiting
wailing into ears.


E. Vishnupriya, Bangalore, India, Bougainvillea is her first collection of English poems published by Cyberwit.net. Her poems were also published in Muse India, e-journal, Poetry.Com. She lives in Bangalore.

Last updated November 08, 2013