Prose Garden

I sat by the trees one gloomy day
I had only a pen
my thoughts and napkins
nuts and stones at my feet

I felt the wind prodding me
the thunder warning me
to write
for soon it would be to late

i thought of hurts
given and received
tears felt, seen and sent

Anger wrongly felt
selfishly thrown
kept for warmth

Love + Kisses
oh how I miss the kisses
my first like sweet strawberries (oh how I love strawberries)
my favorite ( forever I wish it lasted)
my third (how I wish for a replay + replay + replay)

The Hugs
poetry written for
thanked and ached often for

My feelings and Thoughts
they should be honored and awarded
how many times have I forgotten
blamed or cursed them.

My dearest Prose Garden.....thank you

Earl F Spangler

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Poet Of many years., Writing has gone from Symbolic to Sad to Romantic to Erotic., Currently in Community College of Baltimore County., Plan to Self-Publish soon.

Last updated July 24, 2011