Come And Take

Ehsan Sehgal

You are in my dreams
You are in my thoughts
You are in my prayers
You become life of me
I wish I were also your dreams
I wish I were also in your thoughts
I wish I were also in your prayers
I wish I were also your life
It is not my luck
I see and meet you
Face to face
Talk to you
The eyes with eyes
Breath to breath
Heartbeat to heartbeat
It is not my luck
It is not my destiny
You are so far
Or you are unaware
I Love you with the truth of the heart
I see you or do not see
If you come to know
I will be somewhere else
Or for someone else
You may feel sorry
For your ignorance
For your delay
Come and take
Your love in your arms
Before all is over.

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Ehsan Sehgal born Khawaja Ehsan Elahi Sehgal is a Dutch-Pakistani origin Urdu poet and writer who moved to The Netherlands in 1978. He is also a journalist and activist for democracy and the freedom of the press and of speech., He was born on 15 November 1951 in Larkana, Sindh, Pakistan and obtained a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Urdu literature. In addition, he also received the LL.B. law degree from Karachi University., He has received awards from Indian and European Urdu literary organisations, in recognition of his literary achievements, and is famous for his poetry book Zarb-e-Sukhan, in the Urdu-speaking world. The Daily Times describes the book as a "splendid poetry collection." Besides that he has published a collection of aphorisms in Dutch, English and Urdu., Moreover, his many ghazals and naats have been composed and sung by various singers of Pakistan. Sehgal has also written a novel and several books of poetry; his articles have been published in various Urdu newspapers.

Last updated July 09, 2015