When all is said and done

Lost in love, lost in depth
Much is desired, many needs awanted
Losses are counted in sorrow
Bruises are bandaged haphazardly
Bearings are lost, directions abound in a misty maze
Where to go next, what to do next
Such is the life of a loser not a winner
Wallowing in his misery all day and all night
Crying his heart out and filling buckets
There's not even a glimmer of hope
This tortuous road again has brought disappointment
Not even a smile can wipe away his misery
All is definitely lost in this life

Emmanuel Odoom's picture

I am a young man who likes to view the world through natures beautiful visions., An engineer by profession and a man of many trades by practice., The inspiration for my poems usually emanates from my life experiences and events occuring around me. Hope you enjoy themm.

Last updated November 08, 2017