Cherished Indiana Night

Fireflies pulsate, vibrate beneath
Dimly illuminating drooping apple blossoms
Fading from an unseasonal heartland’s heat

A bright crescent moon dazzling plays engages stages
With a zephyr that moves over rows of endless corn
They bend and move as if in a slow waltz

Ever so calmly, rocking chairs rasp the porch floorboards
Railings taken over by ivy lends nuance
No one speaks much, no one wants to

The circadian rhythm drama playing out before us
Rest’s its resolve upon us
Life’s amphitheatre scintillating our senses
Harmoniously katydids and crickets chime in

We filled our baskets and barrels today
By the sweat of our brow
The barrels now standing by overflowing
In the dimly lit glow of an aged porch light

With the aroma of Blue Ash trees sprawling about
I feel poised as if in a depiction of a different era
A living portrait reticent forever in my memory
Cherished was this Indiana night

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I enjoy writing from all of my life's experiences, whether it be spritual, romance and other experiences. My favorite poet is Robert Frost. I have a blog site that I post some of my poetry on, You can also check out my facebook page and look in my notes section!

Last updated May 27, 2013