What have I done?
I became the speech
of starless night.

Oh! I almost melted
hearing God
in you,
not ‘cause of guilt I should’ve owned.
‘Twas really you, your voice
inducing ism of greater self.

Show me some
not by telling me
your present.

You were wrong
when you predisposed
my past
has something
to do with my sorrow.

Do I still have
to swallow
when you’ve already cast
the first stone?

Ah, whatever you think!
It matters
no anymore
for I to my grave
the sweetness of your tongue
...once mine.

Ernesto P. Santiago

Ernesto P. Santiago's picture

Ernesto P. Santiago is just a poetry enthusiast, who loves and enjoys exploring the poetic myth of his senses. He thinks, “Poetry is a global temperature that will always surprise us.” His poetry has received many international poetry prizes from countries including Japan, Italy, Romania, Canada, and the United States.

Last updated October 29, 2011