In dark and desperate times,
When men were enslaved and slaughtered,
There lived a fearsome kingdom,
Where morality was never honored.
Their gods out of gold they made,
Gourmet food to them was only laid,
Sacrificing humans was one of their many ways,
To creating terror in the hearts of the poor and the maid.
Their sidewalks were covered with diamonds,
Their houses with crystals shone,
The poor were constantly frightened,
Hungry, abused, rejected and alone.
The best doctors the rich did have,
As well as scholars and teachers.
The finest clothes they did amass.
The poor? A flock of unwanted putrid creatures.

This cruel era arrived to a swift end.
Their arrogance came with a high price,
The Persian empire stroked with fierce revenge,
Avenging the miserable, protecting their rights.
King Cyrus the Great was kind and humanitarian,
The sufferings of people was painful to the heart.
Taking over all of the Akkadian,
An insightful cycle was about to embark.

I was born in Israel, raised and went to school in Montreal, Canada. Started writing from the age of 10. I am married with five, beautiful, amazing children. I am a bookkeeper during the day, a writer at night.

Last updated December 21, 2013