Love of my life

Dawn, air filled with grey fog,
Curtains white as snow.
Outside I hear the barking of a dog,
Thinking it has nowhere to go.
Curled up in my bed,
Sheets with summer smell,
Feeling like a newlywed,
Seeing you at my side, my heart starts to swell.

My love, my life, my second half,
Where did I find my perfect match.
When sadness surrounds me,
You are here at my side.
Happiness you restore to me,
With gentleness and without too much pride.
You are my sanity,
My personal lamp,
Leading a life of tranquility,
That I never knew I could have.
Relationship is a task that many do fail,
But with you at my side, challenges will never cause us to bail.
Our love for each other is as strong as the wall,
That we worked so hard to build,
To save our little flame,
Keeping it strong and tall.

I was born in Israel, raised and went to school in Montreal, Canada. Started writing from the age of 10. I am married with five, beautiful, amazing children. I am a bookkeeper during the day, a writer at night.

Last updated December 21, 2013