If it’s a feeling, I thought it existed and I
was excited/
I wasn’t carried by the looks but I had the
poem recited/
I never believed in love at first sight but I
became a victim/
I couldn’t hesitate to make a move, it bit
my instincts/
With that fear of losing, I still swallowed
my pride/
I never knew what pulled me but, I still
wanted her by my side/
Without caring if she had a man, all I cared
was me and her/
Toiling so hard, I would make her change
like the weather/
I had a plan for the future, so I had to
know her fears/
Never wanted to see her cry, I would always
wipe her tears/
I tried so hard, the payment would only be
the chance/
Every text from her would make me steal a
I give a toast to whoever was in my past/
I now embrace the present, and the deuces I
The pain might still be lingered, but the
tears are dry/
Several steps I have made, for sure I will
never cry/
I feel safe at heart, heading to the right
Snitches be like...I get killed by expectation/
The jealous will speak ill seeing me and
Give me a chance I will prove them that it’s
me and you/
What I feel for you is for sure and for real/
So hard like steel, with you I keep it real/
The joy that’s glows in me, Gloria is the
So cute, that smile drives me insane/
And me being with her leaves me never be
the same/
Some will hate but still they can never be
on my lane/
You try hurting her and I make u lame/
Doing all whatever it takes I will stand the
Showing her what she is worth I stand to
To me she is less of an obligation and more
of a gift/
And her entrance to my life is like a
paradigm shift/
So calm and meek leaves me with no more
Since she is the best and always ahead of
the rest/
And with her nothing is going be shady/
Because that is what it takes to have a real

Vin lan the poet

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21years old, born and raised in the highlands of Kenya., my arts speak for itself!!

Last updated February 02, 2014